Month: May 2019

40% of Americans (62% of Independents) think the two-party system is broken and want to disrupt the two-party monopoly

Independents comprise 65-70% of registered voters. Compare that to Republicans, who comprise 15% of registered voters (tops). Compare that to Democrats, who peaked in 2008 at 19% of registered voters. Yet Independents, people who do not affiliate with either major political party, have very little influence over American politics. This is a classic tail-wags-the-dog scenario. It is a “majority doesn’t rule” system.

Republicans and Democrats each only comprise ~15% of voters

Ask people this question: how many voters are comprised of Republicans or Democrats? Most will respond with “40%-ish.” Actually, Republicans have never comprised more than 15% of registered voters. Democrats – peaked at 19% of voters. But since we only have one vote, we must choose between extremes, so we artificially boost their results in general elections, and they say, “wow, look how many of us there are.”

America ready for Independent challenge to two-party system

There is a huge dissonance here: Americans are ready for an Independent challenge to the two-party system, yet they know if they vote for an Independent, it will HELP their least-preferred candidate. The solution is a negative vote.

Young People Get a Lower (Negative) Return from Social Security

Younger Workers Get a Lower ROI from Social Security Than Their Elders

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